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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Couples Skate

Apparently we are on a blogging roller skating kick.. not sure why other than the fact it's totally awesome.

A few nights ago as I was driving down the 405 freeway (read that sitting on the 405 freeway), Africa, by Toto, came on the radio (YES!). Instantly, I was back at my local roller skating rink, with my pig tails and pink tube socks watching and hoping the cute boy in the OP shirt would ask me to couple skate during that song. Granted, I was a good 10 years younger than said cute boy and inevitably he chose the hot girl in the Jordache jeans who won the limbo contest... but a girls gotta dream.. right!?

What relevance does couple skating have to do with PlusOne... here ya go...

As you know, ALL activities, food and lodging are included in the price (which increases to $230.00 Oct 16th FYI). BUT, since one of the purposes of the weekend is to meet new people, we thought IF you did meet someone and IF you wanted to spend a few hours away from the group getting to know each other better, we would give you a few options.

We are still working out the details for Saturday night (dance party, movie night, blah blah), but if you wanted to "couples skate" with someone for dinner and join up with the group after, we will give you a list of options in Arrowhead when you check in at camp PlusOne.

Much like at the roller rink when the DJ played Open Arms and announced it's Couples Skate time... some people might want to ask someone to skate with them for the next 3 minutes and others will want to hang with the group and get cherry slushies from the snack bar.

Either option is great just remember that if you opt to couples skate, it's skating regulation that hands must be in each others back pockets at all times. Rules are rules.

Just keepin' it real people.

**Can we all agree that Africa is the best skating song ever.. right?!?

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