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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Camping skills to pay the bills #2: Kindergarten Tactics

We heard a rumor.

Apparently there is a chance there will be snow in Lake Arrowhead in November.

I know, I know, it seems weird to be thinking of snow right after our long weekend playing in the sun. But like it or not, fall is here people.

Not sure how much snow there will or won't be in November, but being the good girl and boy scouts that we are.. obviously, we need to be prepared for all variables.

And we're not talking about scarfs, hats or blankets. We're talking about snowball fighting skills.

Remember kindergarten days when boys if you liked a girl, you pulled her hair or girls if you liked a boy you would try to kiss him on the playground?

Yeah, snowball fights as adults are kinda like that.

Apparently snowball fighting has seriously evolved since we were little. Check these out. I might have given these to the nephews for Christmas. I can vouch, they are awesome. If one of you shows up to arrowhead with one of these.. I call dibs on your team.

In case you need a proper demonstration on how to properly *snowball fight flirt... see the below video.. (and please excuse the first 20 seconds... we couldn't find a good version to show without the slightly inappropriate start..)

*Actual snowball fight flirting in video..miiiiiiigggght be a wee bit extreme. We suggest scaling the face rubbing and slamming down just a bit if you ACTUALLY want to talk to the person later.. but all in all, you get the gist..

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