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Friday, August 19, 2011

P (no B) and J: Famous PlusOne couple #1

Ross and Rachel? Eh.. they're okay..if you're into on again off again relationships....(drama)

But Joey and Phoebe? How YOU doin?

Now we're talkin'.

Even within a really strong group of friends, it was always Phoebe and Joey.

Sure.. they kissed a few times here and there...kicked around the idea of being together...but ultimately, they were just meant to be friends.

Every guy needs a Phoebe: a female friend who will shoot straight him when he deserves it and hug it out when he needs it..

And girls, we all need a Joey: A guy friend who makes us feel like a million bucks, but will tell us when we are dating a tool.

Just like P (no B) and J... somethings are just meant to go together..

And that's why we are crowning Phoebe and Joey PlusOne famous couple #1.

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