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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Frankie says Relax

So in talking with a bunch of you, several have expressed the same potential concern about PlusOne weekend.

And we quote/paraphrase...

"If I ask someone to go (or if I get asked to go), what if they get offended/bothered/hurt because basically it's like saying 'I am not interested in you and I just see you as a friend' etc..."

Well, our advice is simple, if you aren't currently dating each other.. chances are at the moment you ARE just great friends. And that's not such a bad thing...we all need friends. Take it as a compliment that your friend clearly thinks you are awesome and they want you to find someone equally as great as you. Hence the reason they wanted you as their PlusOne.

And honestly, who knows what could happen. Just because you are friends now, who knows what you might be down the road. Don't over think it. Just enjoy the friendship and let whatever is supposed to be... be.

Basically... if someone wants to be your PlusOne... be flattered, take it as a compliment, say YES and to quote Frankie goes to Hollywood... Relax...

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