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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Camping skills to pay the bills #1: S'mores

We've all had one. The brilliant combo of graham, chocolate and gooey toasted marshmallow.

But not all s'mores are created equal..right?? It takes some skill and a little creativity to get it perfect...

Why is this even relevant to PlusOne Weekend?

Well... think about it... you are standing around the campfire Friday night... you see someone cute you want to talk with.. CLEARLY they need a s'more made by you... right? You now have an instant ice breaker.

Time to bring your A game.

**Dark chocolate, peanut butter cups, nutella, flavored marshmallows, bananas.. the possibilities are endless...unless of course they want the classic, then it's just up to you and your marshmallow toasting skills.

But no need to worry, this is when all of those nights making faux s'mores over your gas stove will finally pay off.

You're golden. Just like the perfectly toasted marshmallow.

**Does this mean we are having a s'mores bar Friday night? Sure does.

**If you have any suggestions for us to include, let us know.

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